Are you playing ping pong with stuff that makes no sense?

If you’re like me, every day my head is bombarded with things I can make no sense of.

Much of it is authentic, meaning it has value. Yet just how valuable to me can be mesmerising and confusing?

If I were thick headed, the majority of this nonsense would go straight into the trash bin, dismissed by me as not worth the brain effort to comprehend, understand, or even relate to.

I’m also a closet ostrich, indifferent to things that bore me silly.

To be honest, much of today’s nonsense does. I’ve read it all before, been preached about it and successfully ducked what others want to convince me of.

Yet most nonsense, the stuff that doesn’t immediately resonate with the way I think or see the world, pricks my conscience, as if ‘should I know more?’ before I disregard it.

There are only so many hours in the day to research a subject, read the thought of others and then, broadcast my own opinion. In doing the latter, would I just be adding to the original piece of nonsense?

And there’s the dilemma. Just exactly what do we do or how do we react to stuff we can make no sense of?

Right now I can think of umpteen current and rolling events that make little sense. The world is debating, asking and forming inquests, even before things pan out. As much as I’d like to change the way things are flowing, I can’t. Even if I could, what exactly do I know that others don’t?

Our universal values perhaps. Principles to live by. Humanity and equality and peace in our time. All will have conflict within what each means to each of us. Behind that conflict, is this nothing more than authentic nonsense?

My opinions, anger, stress and incomprehension to the nonsense that brings such phenomenon to life have to be managed. Otherwise, I’d go insane.

My trick is simple. Regardless of what I do, say or believe, I cannot change the world. I can ache, argue, cry and become obsessed, but unless I have a direct influence, it’ll all be wasted energy and bring another wrinkle to my eek.

All I can do is assess and judge, try and educate and understand for myself why, then get on with life. I can wishful think, hope for the best and maybe, prepare for the worst, whatever that might be. I prefer to be optimistic, and yes, I could rebel against it, like pissing in the sea because a sign that says you can’t. Don’t actions mean more than just words?

But it won’t make a scrap of difference.

Except for one thing.

It will make me feel better.

So with all the nonsense impacting on your world, try to see the bigger perspective, accept that change is often good, then focus on the reality of what will make you feel better about it.

Just don’t take frustration out on someone else. That too is nonsense!

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