With only days to go, the UK will be voting to stay in or leave the EU. (I wrote this before referendum day).

I’ve already voted, by postal vote, to leave. One vote and my reasons for it will be like a drop in the ocean, as if who cares what I voted or why.

But here’s the thing. I feel I need to tell the world my reasons, as if anyone’s going to read it.

I consider the in and out campaigns have been a national disgrace. No one has given true and factual information, and both campaigns have bent the facts and misrepresented essential details to woe people’s emotions and fears of the unknown.

Surely there are many considerations for a small island like ours. We can’t accept an unlimited number of immigrants, yet for me, immigration is not the biggest issue. I firmly believe that the UK becoming a multi-national community has been for the greater good. But our resources have a limit and as yet the government has not told us how they plan to control the potential vast numbers that will call upon our national infrastructure if we remain in the EU.

The main reason I have voted a solid and 100% out is because I don’t want to be part of a ‘super’ state. Where laws and rules are made by those who were not voted in, answer to no one and where the elite live in excess at the expense of the people.

I’m also British, English in fact and proud of my country, apart from some of its history and the bad things it has done, some in recent years and some now just part of ancient past.

If we bugger up this vote and we remain in the EU, Britain as we knew it will be no more because the EU machine will eat away at our basic freedoms and choices until we are taxed for the air we breathe.

I know, the latter is only my own prediction. One of my own many fears. But 20 years down the line it could be a fact, for a few years ago we wouldn’t have dreamt we’d be fined for putting the wrong kind of rubbish in the bin, or for accidently dropping anything in the street or for feeding the ducks in the park. Rules and regulations maybe imposed by our own local government but driven by diktats from Europe and the reality that power corrupts unless it has to be accounted for.

I also remember the many who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. Wars have taken many, and lest we forget, they didn’t die for freedom and democracy to be handed to Europe. That’s not a dig at any country we fought in the past, but it’s a subtle dig at our own governments for the slaughter of servicemen and civilians to uphold a principle I stand for that is now being sold to the EU.

The UK government, whoever is in power, can’t be trusted with our freedoms and choices. We’re are controlled to the tenth degree and watched and monitored where ever we go. But better the devil we know and one that can be voted out or held to account. The devil in the EU we already know but never can we vote them out, or vote to get out of after this one and only vote, for it’s unlikely we will ever have the chance to vote again. We each need to look to our conscience and common sense and ignore the current fear mongering from the in and out brigade.

Great Britain may not be great anymore, but for me it is my country, and I’m British well before I’m European. I believe in equality and freedoms for everyone regardless of race, belief or orientation, but only when peace and respect for humanity are upheld by the individual.

Immigration, the NHS, jobs, free trade and the power of the pound are all issues we care about. Leave them to the EU machine and nothing will get better. Leaving them in the hands of our own government might also be a risk, but it’s the better risk, because democracy as we know it means eventually, they’ll answer to us. The EU never will!

If you are a UK citizen and have yet to vote, your vote is part of our UK remaining freedoms. Make the right choice if you too believe in Britain remaining Britain and remaining British.

However you vote, have the power of your conviction.

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