Hello. Nice of you to drop by.

My name’s Robert. I’m British and live on the south coast of England.

I write short fiction stories, about life experiences, my view of current events, my thoughts and stories of fantasy. I also write on Medium and contribute for The Creative Cafe, a side shoot of Medium.

I love to write, time not always a positive factor. I love gardening, DIY, cooking and people watching.

My personality type can be found here*:

*It’s a fairly accurate picture of my personality, which is deemed as Mediator under the type Diplomats. Read into that what you will. I only know there are many things that conflict with another in the way I think and act!

I’ve been around, done a variety of low to higher level jobs and learnt many things about life, the complexity of human behaviour and emotions that steer the choices we make.

I have varying experience in the field of counselling, interviewing, conference speaking and working with people.

My longest career path was with British Telecom, from a telephonist to Executive Manager at a major international telephone exchange and from there, Administration and Customer Service manager for the BT telegram and telex service.

My roots stem from a poorly paid working class family. My dad was a road sweeper and my mum did house work for the posh people. My education was secondary and until close to leaving school, I was a slow learner. I was bossed about by my older sister, but sadly, I am now the last surviving member of my immediate family.

I also knew, from the age of six, that I was a bit different to other boys. Being born gay hasn’t always been easy, but over time it brings a broader understanding of human diversity and due respect for the umpteen differences our fellow humans have.

Long ago I disconnected from religion. I tend to lean towards something spiritual and closer to the powers of nature. That means I’ll stand side by side those who find their faith uplifting and embracing of nature’s intentions, but argue with those who preach hate and prejudice in the name of their god.

I’ve witnessed first hand corruption, police brutality, homelessness, personal bereavement and how unfair the system can be. I’ve loved and been loved and currently enjoy a one to one relationship.

Never in my entire life have I liked rules or to be told what I am to do. How on earth I’ve managed to stay the right side of the law is beyond me, yet I know society needs rules and regulations. Obeying the law of the land is a key principle of The British Constitution, and while Britain today leaves many wanting, I’m still proud to be British.