I’m a unique nobody.┬áBut then, every human is a unique somebody, so I can’t be just nobody.

I might be as insignificant as a stale breadcrumb, a stray microbe, or a spec of dust on the wind. As if what I think, believe or feel or gets written about here will make a blind bit of difference to this world we live in.

But then I’m a born optimist. The written word can be very powerful, as can one human sharing with another. Sadly, throughout the world, for some the simple logic and reason of humanity and compassion are cast aside for greed and power.

The ignorant haven’t a clue about the magic of breadcrumbs, the power of microbes or where all the dust comes from.

Experience tells me, for the sensitive souls out there and the losers waiting to be offended, that I need to say the entire content of my website is based on my personal opinion, thoughts and views. There is no intent to offend anyone, regardless of colour, creed or the way nature made them.

On the other hand, if you’re ignorant to the ways of nature and the true wonders of life, or don’t value the life and liberty of others, then do I give a shit whether I offend you or not?

Sadly, the crazy notions of man are easily offended by a stray breadcrumb, a wayward microbe or a bit of dust.

Or for that matter, the likes of me! I’m Chaz by the way. I write stuff, even though I can’t.

I’m British, gay and live on the south coast of the UK.