This is a story, an imagination of beyond the element of death and what might, or might not, be. (Word count 812)

My memory of consciousness is vague.

I recall the sun burning my face, the depth of blue in the sky and cool salty water around my ankles. I felt sand between my toes and an immense sense of freedom. I tasted plain chocolate on my tongue, the first square from a bar of Bourneville. But who I was with and what day it was escapes me.

Who I actually am right now I cannot tell you, for my conscious mind came abruptly to a stop out of nowhere.

I cannot see, hear or feel. Yet I can sense, a strange, weird sensation that is new to me. I sense a vagueness of memory and that I am now floating fast, as if travelling along a tube at great speed.

But I fear nothing, for I am calm and at peace. I know that what I sense is devoid of my earthly body or anything physical.

I can sense light and colours. Both have elements that are also new, colours I have never encountered and shafts of light ignoring the rule of physics.

The fastness slows and I drift, seemingly to float on thin air, until I lurch and bump to a dead stop. My senses become numb. I remain aware, but of nothing.

Slowly, I sense mist, a fog that chills.

I wait. I know not of where I am or the place that I am going, but I am not afraid.

Gradually, I am aware of light, golden light that warms my soul. Suddenly, I can see, yet I have no eyes. Beyond me stands my late partner, hand held out, gesturing me forward. There beside him is my awesome dog, Macooose. Both are as handsome as they always were.

A warm glow totally envelops me and penetrates my very soul. I am made aware that I am in a new dimension, that my past life has ended by default.

I am taken, seemingly, to a greater power, where I sense I have to face my time in the life just ended.

I am to be judged, although the term I sense is less of judgement and more of an accomplished balance. I am told, by some energy unknown to me, that I must travel onwards through this new dimension, during which time it will be made known to my soul the route I am to take.

The warmth remains, but I sense dark again and a drifting sensation, this time absent of movement up, down or sideways. I hear for the first time since I left consciousness. Voices whisper to me, voices I once knew and loved and now instantly recognise.

I cannot place words to these whispers, but I comprehend. I am to walk a walk, as if to represent my earthly life and my behaviour in it.

I am given no timescale, except one compelling fact. Grief from those I left behind will drive my onward journey. I struggle to understand that concept or even what grief is, for I am no longer human.

A far off vagueness of death comes closer to my senses. For a second, I recall from some remaining conscience what I know about hell, fire and brimstone. Energy from another source nudges mine. It is amused and seems to laugh at me for giving such nonsense the time of day.

Now I am smiling, although I have no body to smile with. The new energy tells me my journey will be challenging and rewarding. My soul feels obliged that I have no option but to follow where I am led and to face the inevitable.

Karma holds my absent hand and whispers, what went around, is about to come around.

I ask one question, by the only way I can. Am I to live again?

At that instant, everything stops. Darkness invades me and I sense a coldness. Something evil grates against my soul and I shudder. A new sense whispers to me.

“Ask no questions. In time, all will be revealed. Until then, Karma will guide you, punish you and when you have walked the walk, deliver you”.

I sense sadness but renewed warmth. I have left those and the life I loved and yet, it has been hinted I am to meet all those I loved and lost in death before me.

I’m allowed one peep back to earthly conscious. People I knew are saying rest in peace.

Rest in peace is not of the dimension I find myself in. Whether rest is an option is up for debate, but right now, Peace is indeed with me, at least for a moment, for I accept my earthly body has died.

As I begin my journey with Karma on my tail and the sadness of what and who I leave behind, I have another question, one to be left unanswered for eternity and a day.

Who flipped the switch before I could polish off the entire bar of chocolate? Argh!

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