If you are like me, you can’t be arsed to keep tying your shoe lace every time you put your cheese pods on, so the shoe lace remains firmly tied.

I have an excuse, a weak one mind you, because many years ago I had a hip replacement and while (touch wood) my hip never bothers me, since the operation I cannot touch my toes, or easily get my sock on, or tie my left shoelace.

So both laces remain tied, on my best shoes, working shoes and my trainers. Dead easy for me to slip on and off and not worry about being a contortionist struggling to balance on one leg as I dance around configuring the lacing method.

Maybe, if you can’t be arsed with your own laces, you too have an excuse. So be it, because shoe laces are a drop in the ocean unless you don’t have any and need some.

Shoelaces could represent many aspects of our lives. The things we can’t be arsed to do, think about or actually focus on, simply because we have an excuse or a mindset and the shoe representing our life is comfortable as it is, thank you.

That comfort zone is so important and the shoe could indeed represent our own little personal bolt holes, the ones we dash to when the going gets tough or some twerp writes something that pricks our conscience, hits our emotions or implies something that gets us livid and outraged.

As you read this, maybe you have your own version of what your shoes could represent, or maybe to you, shoes are just cheese pods to protect your plates of meat (feet) and you don’t have shoelaces anyway.

Well, let’s not go there, because there might be many shoes that must stay personal to the individual, the cheese factor being one that will keep the rest of us away.

All I’m hinting at is that like me and my excuses, sometimes the lace needs undoing, re-tying or replacing, because feet, like our own mind, can become warped and unhealthy of they stay cemented in the same smelly rotting shoes without a change now and again.

Maybe you don’t need new shoes. Maybe, you just need a new pair of laces.

Either way, airing your feet is like airing your mind; Potentially euphoric!

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