‘We’re going to make America great again’.

The woamerica-flagrds of President-Elect Donald Trump today in his triumphant speech.



As a British citizen watching events from across the pond, I don’t think it is for the likes of me to comment on a democratic vote of the American people, or the American voting system. Or for that matter the likely inquest to events leading up to the election result. Plenty of experts already doing that without my help!

What is clear, similar to the recent UK Brexit, is that the American people don’t want more of the same. As a Brexit out voter, I can strongly relate to that.
Once my own country was great. Great Britain was born from this county’s power and status around the world, and while we could debate the definition of ‘great’ and what it means today, I feel the urge to put in my two cents worth of how America could indeed become the great nation US citizens still believe it is.
My own perception of America in recent times is one of a powerful country that abuses much of its influence around the world. Contradictory, from various media sources we see the decay and isolation within America itself, pocketed in many communities as others thrive and prosper.
In current times, much the same could be said for the UK, so this is an observation leading me on to what I have to say next.
The difference between our two countries may be vast, yet we speak the same language and only to a degree, we hold the same values of freedom and democracy. However, America and the American people cannot expect change to happen unless they too make some changes.

British people have had to adapt and compromise and learn to tolerate what might seem alien to their own expectations. As a nation, we will undoubtedly need to adjust further to what the future may hold once we leave the European Union.
What shouts out to us across the Atlantic divide is an America yet to drag itself into a new and fresh period of enlightenment in the 21st century.
Much of the country is driven by the bible bashers and those who have cemented ideals of right and wrong. It is still divided by colour and race, still bound by the right to carry a gun and still ignorant to the humanity and compassion the ways of nature dictate to us all.
From that alone, the divide between our two nations is staggering.
Donald Trump might not be the President his election campaign suggests. He may be what America needs to up the status, integrity and prospects of the country. For the American people, I sincerely hope it is all going to be positive.
But, no country can call itself great when it discriminates against minorities, such as those born with a different sexual instinct, those who instinctively cannot identify with their born gender and those who’s skin colour and ethnic origins conflict with the hard and cemented views of many American people.
Britain is halfway there, with laws to protect against sexual, gender and ethnic discrimination and hate. The 21st century has brought us here in the UK new found freedoms and liberty, dreams come alive from not so long ago. But it is far from perfect so that greatness will continue to elude us.
One day we might become great again. The British people are as patriotic about this small island of ours as the American people are about their own nation, even if we might be more reserved in showing it. Years beyond post-Brexit, here we might get closer to that greatness. If the government of the day make the right decisions over human rights and total equality for every law abiding citizen.
So come January 20th 2017 when America has a new president, that solid American patriotism will only be worth a few cents to the dollar on the long and rocky road ahead.
America needs more than a new president and a new broom.
It needs an across the state realisation of humanity, compassion and the right to be equal regardless of religion and the thread of hate running through it. Only the American people can deliver that, and until every state signs up to those fundamental and human needs, America will never become the great nation the American people like to think it is

It can be done, proven by the horrors of slavery that are no more.
Finally, Mr Trump might ponder on the qualities of individual integrity and credibility.

A country and its leader need that as much as the society within it.

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