Donald Trump says he’ll drain the swamp. He infers the American establishment equals a swamp. He knows little of the magic of swamps, or the wonders they hide within them.

Swamps should never be drained. They are a universe in their own right, a soup of living organisms and an ecosystem we destroy at our peril.

Draining a swamp brings a huge loss to the environment, to nature and the creatures that live from it. From agriculture to over half the fish we eat, wetlands are a key element in human survival.

Image courtesy of PixabayIf you drain it and create something new, will it balance well with the micro system what you have lost? Could whatever you create in the place of a swamp turn into a putrid sewer? Or would diverting the water source just create another swamp down the road?

Metaphorically, the swamp on people’s minds stems from an imposed notion that a swamp is a bad thing, full of sediment, nasties and disease. There is some truth in that, but then life itself is driven by such things and without them, maybe we as a species would struggle to survive.

America has a history of draining swamps. But then America has a history of doing many daft things. History is running!

So are we witnessing the early stages of draining the current swamp?

As yet, no attempts to sort out the gold from the muck, or to analyze what magic comes from this particular swamp. So far, no pumps in place, no bulldozers and not a sign of a tree surgeon.

Recent events hint that the contents of the swamp are to be replaced with a different system, maybe less eco and more corporate empire friendly.

Once that happens, might a green and rancid change destroy everything the swamp supports.

Better the swamp you have than a sewer you can only poop in.

Brings a whole new slant to where there’s muck there’s money!

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