This 618-word article is my way of seeing something alternative to the way many might focus too much on God and less on what God might want. Just my point of view, for I too follow many Christian values. (Read my blog if you need to know more about me and religion).


Many years ago I considered that those who believe in and follow their god spend too much time with him. I know that statement will stir many emotions, but as an outsider looking in, maybe I can see things that others closer to God cannot.


It’s bit like the Tribe Writers course. The primary focus is to believe in ourselves and write, creating, editing and then posting. Along the way, we have to stay on course and to go through the modules and the exercises, but we must never lose sight of the main reason we do it, to become better writers.


If we were to get bogged down in all the theory, all the books, e-books and blog advice coming from all quarters of the writing society, our writing would stop or slow down, and we would spend all our time reading up the best way to do this and the easiest way to do that.


Great if we have nothing else to do, but not great when we have a life and one worth living. So the best option is to carry on writing and producing something meaningful, periodically checking progress with the course and noting the relevant bits of information we could use now or later to become better at it.


And that’s how religion could be.


Our primary focus would be on living our faith, creating good vibes and friendships, adapting, compromising and showing others how they too can benefit from our skills. Along the way we could periodically check stuff, attend church to share the good vibes (a bit like Jeff’s sessions) and check our behaviour and output with what we already know, sometimes checking in with God in case he needs to adjust our focus.


When we started to believe, we gradually worked through each biblical module. By the time we found ourselves in adult years (or established writers) courses and modules are only there for reference. We could take less notice of what is written in the Bible (or Koran or another book) and how we might fixate on it, then get on with doing what we all know are the right things to make us better individuals.


It seems that many get bogged down in the Bible and their interpretation of it. Maybe many people spend too much time praying, going to church and meditating about God’s will and his love. Maybe also, God is saying to himself ‘for God’s sake just get your butt out there and do it, because you know what to do, and it can’t be done while you’re bogged down in all the praying lark’.


I know in saying this I’m taking a risk, but we all need to take risks. Otherwise, we learn nothing. It’s also a known fact that being too close to a subject doesn’t always pay us the best dividends in outcome. If we are too close to what we believe, maybe we too need someone further away from it to show us our potential, if only we stepped back from it and saw the opportunities waiting for us.


A bit like writing blog after blog and a friend saying why don’t you make your longer blogs into books. Likely easier than we might think.


Same as I’m doing here, saying why don’t you make your time with God less of a one to one and more of a ‘come join me as I live life’? Maybe a new year’s goal, spend more time with your God by being less reliant on the theory and more pro-active with the reality.


So much to embrace and so little time!


Just my way of suggesting man could be so much more intelligent and wiser!

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8th January 2016 10:01

Interesting analogy with the Tribe Writer’s course.I never thought of that. As you know, I am not a religious person but I like the perspective you have and I quite enjoyed reading the article. I wish more people were abel to act instead of devoting so much time to explore their believes. It is as you said: you can spend thousand of hours reading about writing, but eventually you have to get out there and do the work.

Congrats, Chaz. I really liked it.