Hi. I’m Robert, also known online as Chaz. I live on the south coast of England.

I’m British, gay and in a civil partnership.


My career history starts as a chef, then hurtles through a variety of jobs from delivery driver, greengrocer, florist, sandwich maker, warehouse assistant, Barista, Cinema and supermarket management and then a long period in telecommunications, from a mere telephonist to Executive Manager.

I have experience with the general public, customer services, public speaking, conference speaking, counselling and problem solving. My management skills range from people leading, interviewing and training, along with letter and report writing at management level.

How I managed to accomplish all that with my weird and opinionated view of the world beats me. Much of it was bluff and me holding my tongue, but then as much as I’m a rebel and maybe cantankerous at times, common sense and reasoned logic keeps me on the straight and narrow. Sort of!

In my spare time I garden, DIY and cook. I also of course write, but not all of it gets made public!

This website has three purposes;

Stories, both fiction and true ones.

Articles. Since I was young, my view and perception of the world and man’s crazy notions have grated and conflicted with mainstream thinking. Here I say it the way I see it, no matter what the subject.

Help to others. I offer free advice or friendly debate about many of life’s problems. especially LGBT issues, relationship and family. All you have to do is ask, using my contact page, all in complete confidence.

I believe in full sexual, gender and ethnic equality for all law biding citizens around the world, including those who have to live within the scenario where the law supports dictatorship or oppression of choice.

The human right to liberty and freedom  is what I fight for, subject only to balanced and due punishment for those who choose to intimidate, threaten or harm others for there own benefit.

I’m not out to offend anyone’s senses or beliefs. On that basis, please take what I write as a personal view of the subject. I might think I’m often right about life,  but I’m enlightened to the reality I might sometimes be wrong.

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Thank you and be safe, wherever you are.